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Trasterus-service offers

The delivery of brand new Apple products from the USA.
Our service has been functioning for 2 years making hundreds of our customers happy. Contact us and make sure!
You are welkome to post your questions and comments on our forum

Delivery and payments

We accept Western Union, Money Gram, Money Bookers, and wire transfer.

If item is avaible, we ship it the same day the payment was received. If the item is not stock that day, we will ship it the next day.

We will give you the tracking number to check the status of your package online on

Quality packaging, daily shipping, fast response to uour letters.

Delivery time 7 - 14 days.

The price includes the shipping cost to your country.

You don't have to pay anything else.

All questions about the order of Apple products please send to or

We don't accept orders for iPhone or iPod accessories.

If you need to order laptops, displays, etc, please contact us about the terms.